Frequently Asked Questions


When can I come ride?

  • We ride 7 days a week, excluding most major holidays. We typically have two rides daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You must make reservations to join these rides.


Are your horses well-trained?

  • The majority of our horses are retired rodeo horses. This means that they have been everywhere and seen everything and are now living the casual life of a trail horse. They are all very well trained and we strive to match you to a horse that will suit your ability. We have horses for the first-time rider and for the advanced horseman.


What should I wear/bring?

  • We ride through the desert and often get close to cactus and brush so it is recommended that all riders wear long pants and closed toe shoes. Arizona is sunny! Bring a hat, water bottle and wear sunscreen. During the summer you may want to bring a bandana for the dust. During the winter we recommend dressing in layers, as temperature can vary greatly within 2 hours.


What form of payment do you accept?

  • We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Purchases made with credit cards will be charged an additional fee to cover the machine costs.


How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

  • The sooner the better! Fall and Spring are our busiest times of year and we can sometimes fill up weeks in advance during this time. It is always best to give us a call when planning your trip to check our availability (520)298-7450.


What is your cancellation policy?

  • No cancellations on the day before or same day as ride, 72 hours’ notice is necessary for cancellation.
  • Cancellations within the 72 hour period will be charged in full.
  • If your group is more than 15 minutes late your ride may leave without you and you will be charged in full.


Are there any restrictions for riders?

  • Yes. Horses can comfortably carry about 20% of their body weight (including the weight of the saddle) and we currently do not have any horses large enough to accommodate riders heavier than 250 pounds. All riders must be able to speak and understand English.


Do you accept riders with disabilities?

  • Absolutely! We just ask that you let us know in advance so we can pick a horse that will give them the best experience for their ability level. The only disabilities we cannot accommodate are individuals with atlantoaxial instability and those with grand mal seizures.


How many people will be on the ride with me?

  • Typically we have no more than 10 guests per ride. We may have more than 10 guests coming, but we will split into separate groups so that we aren’t one long dusty string of horses.


Why is the two-hour ride a walking-only trail ride?

  • There are a few reasons: First, if one horse goes faster- they all do and we almost always have with us young children or people who have never ridden, who could not safely handle riding faster. Second, the horse that goes faster today will likely expect to go faster tomorrow, and may be carrying someone who can’t handle it. And third, many of the trails we ride on are hard packed earth and going faster than a walk could hurt the horses hooves and result in painful stone bruises for our animals.